The Brain Cancer Group, Care2Cure (TBCG), is very pleased to announce during Brain Cancer Awareness Month, the commitment by the Lewis Foundation to fund TBCG’s Neuro-oncology Care Co-ordination Programme, a critical programme for patients and families.

This donation of more than $400,000.00 will fund the programme for the next 3 years.

The Lewis Foundation is a philanthropic organisation founded and managed by the Lewis Family, owners of Lewis Land Group.

On being asked what motivated this generous donation, Marnie Lewis-Millar and Shay Lewis-Thorp, Directors of the Lewis Foundation stated:

“We have observed how complex the treatment and care arrangements are for people with brain cancer. Co-ordination of regular MRI scans, specialist appointments and medication regimes can be an overwhelming experience, particularly for people who are dealing with the emotional enormity of a cancer diagnosis. The Lewis Foundation is pleased to be funding The Brain Cancer Group’s support of a dedicated Care Co-ordinator. Marina’s devoted focus on helping patients to navigate this complexity will greatly assist to deliver care in a logical, connected, and timely manner”.

Associate Professor Helen Wheeler, Medical Oncologist and TBCG Director:

“TBCG has 3 main goals, Research, both benchtop and clinical, to improve treatment and evaluate new therapeutic options, Education for patients, carers and staff, empowering patients to be involved in treatment decisions, and Support for patients and carers, recognising that navigating the complex treatment and evaluation course involved in brain cancer management is extremely complicated. Having a dedicated medical professional to help guide patients and carers is essential to achieve the best outcome.”

The TBCG Board and team thank the Lewis Foundation for recognising the importance of this vital support role and by supporting TBCG so generously, assisting us to provide a care co-ordination programme in support of our patients and their families. Currently, TBCG’s Care Co-ordination Support programme is led by Marina Kastelan, who is the leading Nurse Practitioner Neuro-oncology Care Co-ordinator in Australasia. Marina deals only in brain tumours and is a vital member of TBCG’s brain cancer medical team.

At a recent fundraising event in support of The Brain Cancer Group, and organised by the White Pearl Foundation, Matthew McCarron, CEO of the Lewis Land Group and TBCG Community Ambassador, shared his personal experience (video below).


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