TBCG-Recognition of Funding Partners

The Brain Cancer Group is extremely fortunate to have generous and committed partners who share our values and vision to improve patient outcomes “From Care2Cure”. Without their support we would be unable to deliver our meaningful programs nor achieve our objectives.

Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF)

The MHF are significant contributors to The Brain Cancer Group research program. On the back of their highly successful “Beanies for Brain Cancer” campaign, and other fundraising efforts, MHF has awarded over $1 million to our researchers. MHF have supported the following research:


  • Dr. Kelly McKelvey’s Matt Callander Beanie for Brain Cancer HMRI Fellowship (funded by the Mark Hughes Foundation) 
  • PHD Project : Laying the Foundations of improved Treatments for IDH-Mutated Glioma
  • Pre-Clinical Therapeutic Pipeline in Brain Cancer 
  • Dr. Amanda Hudson’s project Teaching an old drug new tricks: Can we re-purpose an old drug as a new brain cancer treatment?
  • Travel grants for national and international conferences
  • Supporting The Brain Cancer Group – Collaborative Care facilitated Neuro Oncology Networking Meeting for Nurses and Allied Health

The White Pearl Foundation.

The fundraising initiatives adopted by this Foundation, previously the White Pearl Fundraiser, have provided invaluable financial support to many of the projects undertaken by TBCG. The Founder, Suzane Peponis-Brisimis, has been a Board member of TBCG since 2016.

Inspired by the dedication and seamless, exceptional, care provided by members of TBCG’s clinical team to her mother Christina Peponis, during her 15-month journey with a Glioblastoma multiforme, and the team’s further service, concurrently and voluntarily, to brain cancer patients and their families through the establishment of the charity, then known as the Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group(SNOG), Suzane began raising funds and awareness in early 2014.

Learning of the poor brain cancer survival rates, the lack of improvement in these rates for a number of decades and the lack of funds available to brain cancer researchers, Suzane determined that all proceeds from WPF’s fundraising initiatives were to go directly to TBCG’s Research Pillar.

Following a number of smaller events, the inaugural annual White Pearl Ball was held in 2015. Some direct results from this initiative include:

* The 2016 Ball resulted in Alcatel-mobile’s sponsorship valued at $35,000 of PhD student Angela Cho.

* Seed funding from the 2016 White Pearl Ball contributed to 50% of the salary for a researcher, enabling the establishment of Dr Kelly McKelvey’s position- the other 50% was provided by Sydney Vital. Dr McKelvey soon after applied for and was granted a 3-year Matt Callander Research Fellowship by the Mark Hughes Foundation to continue her research.

* Specific equipment purchased by supporters of the White Pearl Foundation include Muse Cell Analyser, 3 laptops, Qubit 3 Fluorometers, Gentle Macs Dissociator for the laboratory and an International Travel Scholarship.

* Proceeds from the 2018 Ball purchased a $140,000 Elispot Reader

Events in support of TBCG via the WPF have been held by AMP Infrashore, Ahepa Medical Foundation, Pan-Arcadian Association of NSW, Bowerhaus, St Spyridon College, St Euphemia College and All Saints College Belmore. These events include beanie campaigns, morning teas, barbecues, Melbourne Cup drinks, dinner dances, Year 12 school “sleepovers”.

In 2018, the White Pearl Fundraiser transitioned to an ACNC approved charity and is now the White Pearl Foundation. WPF’s entire focus remains raising awareness and funds for The Brain Cancer Group’s Research Pillar. Suzane is currently the sole volunteer organiser of all White Pearl Foundation events. WPF’s Corporate Partner is The Bank of Sydney.

Please join us for the 5th Annual White Pearl Ball on November 9th, 2019 in the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney.

Breakfast for Brain Cancer

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2019, WPF launched a new annual initiative, Breakfast for Brain Cancer. Individuals, companies, associations and other organisations are invited to hold their own Breakfasts for Brain Cancer with the assurance that 100% of all funds raised will reach the lab. Supporters of the WPF and TBCG are already planning such Breakfasts and Brunches. Please get in touch if you would like to participate or hold your own event. 

Through the hard work and generosity of the White Pearl Foundation’s many supporters, approximately $1,000,000 has been donated to The Brain Cancer Group, supporting our efforts to improve the outcomes for those who suffer brain cancer.

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