Bill Walsh Cancer Research Laboratory, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, RNSH

In collaboration with TBCG and the Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Lab, our pre-clinical research team have one major goal, to improve treatments and patient outcomes for those suffering from glioma. Under this major goal, we have 3 major research themes:

  1. Studying the molecular changes associated with tumour recurrence and progression in both IDH-mutated gliomas and high grade glioma
  2. Identifying molecular biomarkers associated with co-morbidities in glioma patients
  3. Identify new treatments for glioma patients

Identifying the changes that occur when gliomas recur and progress gives us a much more comprehensive picture of the biology of the tumours. We are currently using this knowledge to develop strategies to prevent gliomas from recurring and progressing in patients.

Biomarkers, or molecules which are characteristic of certain conditions, are extremely important for managing the welfare of glioma patients. Such biomarkers can be used to identify other morbidities where specific medications, such as anti-clotting agents, could be life-saving. We are currently investigating whether specific molecular features can predict which glioma patient would benefit from anti-clotting agents.

New treatments for glioma are the crux of our research. In collaboration with Dr Chris Weir, we are investigating an anti-glioma vaccine. This is an immunotherapy which stimulates the body’s own immune system to start fighting the tumour. The vaccine is being trialed in combination with standard of care chemotherapy (temozolomide) and radiotherapy, a treatment modality which we could not investigate until recently.

Our pre-clinical research team currently consists of Neuro-oncologist and Associate Professor Helen Wheeler, Bill Walsh Lab Director Dr Viive Howell, Post-doctoral fellow Dr Amanda Hudson, Oncologist and PhD Student Dr Adrian Lee and PhD student Ms Angela Cho. If you would like to know more about our research or would like to become involved, please contact us.