Putting the patient first at every stage in their journey

Pillar 3 – SUPPORT        We are here when our patients and their families need us most and put the patient first at every stage in their journey

To address the immediate and ongoing needs of brain cancer patients, TBCG supports the salaries of a dedicated Nurse Practitioner and a brain cancer care co-ordinator, leading the care co-ordination of each patient, guiding them through their journey. This provides a single, empathetic point of contact for each patient, someone who can explain confusing treatment options and share information across the specialist team. 

Our care co-ordinators form part of the collaborative team that works across multiple neuro-oncology disciplines to provide tailored care that puts the patient’s needs first.      

In addition to providing ongoing support to patients and families, our expert care co-ordinators are also helping lead a Collaborative Care Project to provide support and resources to other Brain Cancer Care Co-ordinators across NSW. 

Support Programs

  • By curating and hosting our Clinical Care Co-ordinator Conference , we are sharing our expertise with other health care professionals, to improve specialised care and support for brain cancer patients across the State
  • We are developing a support model for the specific needs of low-grade glioma sufferers and their families
  • We aim to have every newly diagnosed brain cancer patient in NSW assigned a Clinical Care Co-ordinator and are preparing a position paper for the NSW Government



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