Dr Adrian Lee

Medical Oncologist

Dr Adrian Lee

TBCG Director

Since 28th February 2023

Dr Lee is a Medical Oncologist and Network Director of Physician Training at Royal North Shore Hospital and Genesis Care. He has clinical and research interests in neuro-oncology, head and neck and genitourinary cancers. He is currently an Executive Member of the Medical Oncology Group of Australia (MOGA), Management Committee Member of COGNO and past-Chair of the State Committee in the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

Dr Lee is part of a global team with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York in furthering research in liquid biopsies of solid tumours. His other research interests are in malignant brain tumours and clotting which are conducted through the Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory at the Kolling Institute, University of Sydney. He was previously a recipient of a Rebecca Cooper Foundation Scholarship and has also received research funding from Sydney Vital Translational Cancer Research and The Brain Cancer Group. Dr Lee continues to be an active member of The Brain Cancer Group as a clinician-scientist, with multiple research translational research projects that utilises ongoing generous support from TBCG and conducting patient information seminars to enhance the awareness of brain cancer research and clinical data for TBCG members and the wider community.

Dr Lee is also a visiting medical officer at Armidale Hospital where he supervises and co-ordinates the care of general oncology patients in the Armidale region.  He has been the Senior Medical Registrar at Royal North Shore Hospital (2012 -2013). In addition, Dr Lee is also heavily involved with teaching of medical students at the Sydney Medical School – both in clinical tutorials, lectures and examination and basic science research projects.

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