We are focused on improving patient outcomes across the spectrum – from patient care to working towards finding a cure for this devastating disease.

We do this by taking a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to deliver meaningful programs which are aimed at improving the lives of those impacted by brain cancer.

Our tag line, Care2Cure, was chosen to reflect our commitment to the 3 Pillars of RESEARCH, EDUCATION and SUPPORT.


All donations to the Brain Cancer Group up to $50,000 will be generously matched dollar for dollar by Evan and Margaret Shonk of The Shonk Family Endowment Fund.

Evan and Margaret are wonderful Ambassadors of TBCG and we are very grateful to the family for their unwavering support. Every dollar donated to the Brain Cancer group goes towards further research and better outcomes for people living with brain cancer.

The Shonk family have been proud supporters of The Brain Cancer Group since 2004.

We became involved due to our first hand experience of how this cruel cancer can destroy lives. We want to stop this from happening to others.

We have met many wonderful people associated with this organisation and can vouch that it is an ethical and cost effective charity.

The only way to alter the current low survival rates of brain cancer is to commit to the funding of research and improved patient care. These are both areas that The Brain Cancer Group excels in.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to you and your families
Marg and Evan Shonk


COVID-19. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

COVID-19. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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