Why we exist

We started out of a passion for improving the care and outcomes for patients while providing support

The Brain Cancer Group

Our Story

The registered charity The Brain Cancer Group – Care2Cure, (formerly named Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group Ltd), was established on the Royal North Shore Hospital campus in Sydney, Australia in the year 2000 by neuro-surgeons Dr Raymond Cook and Dr Michael Biggs, who were soon after joined by medical oncologist Dr Helen Wheeler.

While passionate about improving the care and outcomes for their patients with brain cancer, it was clear to the doctors that this was not enough. These patients stood largely alone in a community that focused much of its fundraising and awareness on other more common cancer types.

They recognised the need for a highly focused community group, consisting of like-minded individuals of different medical and business backgrounds, who would dedicate their time and expertise pro bono, specifically to brain tumour research, education and patient and carer support. This group became our Board of Directors.

We dedicate our time and expertise pro bono, specifically to brain tumour research, education and patient and carer support.

The Brain Cancer Group

Dr Raymond Cook

What makes us unique

The focus on brain cancer combined with the synergy arising from medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, researchers, nurses, patients and carers all working together for a common goal – improved outcomes for brain cancer patients.

Clinical Board Directors representing all the disciplines in the treatment of brain cancer, providing invaluable expertise and insight for effective collaboration and support. Complimenting the clinical specialists are experienced non-clinical Board Directors with commercial and organisational skills. A key feature is the operational focus on directing clinical expertise to shape and deliver meaningful programs.

By partnering with organisations that share our vision and values, to raise awareness and to fund our programs, results can be achieved in an efficient manner. Being co-located with a research institute (Kolling Institute), enables partnering of researchers with clinicians, the ideal environment for bench-to-bedside research.

The Brain Cancer Group

Marina Kastelan, Nurse Practitioner

The Brain Cancer Group

Leading neurosurgeons

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