Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds

My Story

Phil Reynold’s life changed dramatically in August 2014 when his wife Caroline was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), the most aggressive and highest-grade brain tumour.

Caroline a normally happy, healthy 59-year-old began showing signs of uncharacteristic behaviour which led Phil to take her to the GP who diagnosed a urinary tract infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Unconvinced this was the cause of the change in Caroline’s behaviour, they decided to have a CT scan of the head to rule out a minor stroke or aneurism. The following day they returned for the results of the scan and were informed Caroline had an inoperable brain tumour.

A meeting with Neuro-Oncologist Associate Professor Helen Wheeler who specialises in primary brain tumours, confirmed the diagnosis.

Through meeting Associate Professor Wheeler, Phil was introduced to The Brain Cancer Group (formerly the Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group (SNOG)), an organisation that would prove invaluable in Caroline’s treatment and provide care and support for Phil who suddenly became a primary carer for his wife.

The next 11 months Phil and Caroline lived their days together as best they could whilst Caroline’s health deteriorated. She passed away in the home she loved on the 27th of July 2015, surrounded by closest family and friends.

Phil’s role as a proud Ambassador for The Brain Cancer Group, enables him to increase his involvement in raising awareness, and advocate for patients, carers and everyone affected by brain cancer.

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