Sindy Viney

My story

My name is Sindy Viney and I tragically lost my beautiful daughter Samantha to Brain Cancer in November 2013.

Sam was 18, had just completed her HSC and was making plans for a bright fun adventurous future. A set of catastrophic events lead to Sam having a brain scan, a violent seizure, being placed on life support and helicoptered to Sydney’s North Shore Hospital for emergency brain surgery.

That traumatic day began our lifetime association with The Brain Cancer Group, formerly Sydney Neuro Oncology Group (SNOG).

A diagnosis of brain cancer is a devastating event for the patient, their family and their friends. It completely overwhelms your thoughts and emotions and as a mother all you want to do is to protect your beautiful child.

The Brain Cancer Group was an invaluable resource for our family during Sam’s treatment, allowing us to focus on and protect Sam. We were never distracted by booking doctor’s appointments or arranging treatment. TBCG provided all care coordination and scheduled treatments, whilst always considering the distance we travelled for treatment and ensuring that our precious time was never wasted. For this service and support we will be forever grateful.

Sam bravely fought brain cancer for 20 months and before her death we discussed as a family the importance of The Brain Cancer Group. As a health professional and mother, we experienced the highest professional care and support from TBCG. Their dedication to brain cancer research and continued drive towards developing effective treatment options and ultimately a cure for brain cancer is inspirational.

Assisting TBCG in raising funds for research, care coordination and increasing awareness of Brain Cancer was a final promise I made to my daughter. In memory of my beautiful Sam, I am honoured to be an ambassador for The Brain Cancer Group.

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